Kaeshi waza. All the aikido counter techniques listed and explained, with images and videos – by aikido instructor Stefan Stenudd, 7 dan Aikikai Shihan. Irimi Nage No Kaeshi Waza. Sections. Instructions to teachers · Organisation · Editorial · Columns · Principles · Saito sensei’s method · Kajo · O Sensei’s. A recent Howard Foundation Fellow in Poetry, ANDREW ZAWACKI is the author of the poetry books Videotape, Petals of Zero Petals of One.

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One effective way is to practice oji waza was taught by Chiba sensei. It is for example on the left leg standing, the right leg steps one ahead. One should not react too late. Kendo, A Comprehensive Guide. Wazq key point is to control the timing of the attack by holding and breaking centre in the way kaeshii. So next time you hit an elbow, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and encourage your keiko partner to worry about your men rather than his own dou.

Kaeshi waza – Counter techniques

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Motodachi faces each in turn, turning from group to group and makes the appropriate oji technique, remembering to invite the attack in his or her own timing. This last point applies equally to drills and to jigeiko and shiai. First because well known throw knowledge are the base of good counter techniques, second because you have to fight at any time in a position of self-determination attacks, especially when you consider that not a fight between the opponents will come up when both are restricted just waiting to ambush an approach of the enemy, except kaeshl it is also prohibited by the fighting rules.

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Everyone takes a turn as motodachi and the rest of the group are split into two smaller groups one facing him and one behind. To perform a counter technique, the opponent must begin with the activities – without an attack of Uke it is not possible counterattack.

On the other hand, it is also wrong to start a counter throw as quickly as possible. The presented counter techniques are only a small selection of options within oaeshi plurality of counter-attacking, and have no right to be complete.

Reasons for kweshi working on a wide repertoire of techniques are numerous. This relates to striking before your opponent does, as he starts to strike and finally after he starts his attack.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Our normal reaction is to blame ourselves for hitting off target, but in many cases it is our opponent who is at fault for pulling his elbows down to his side to avoid being hit.

So for me, whilst it is unlikely that I will get any taller, using this technique at least acts as a reminder that my feet should be in the right place when I make a strike. So for example, if you are receiving on omote, you do so as you make a diagonal step with the left foot and eaza as your right foot moves into place.

Ken wo korosu — You break his kamae by moving his shinai with your own. Waza wo korosu — This covers the whole range of oji waza. This plus a session that I ran in the dojo this week on ojiwaza invigorated my interest in exploring the subject a little more.

Kendo, Personal Reflections and Inherited Wisdom. Kaeshi waza – Counter techniques The presented counter techniques are only a small selection of options within the plurality of counter-attacking, and have no right to be complete. Because it is a drill we obviously know what is coming, so we are tempted to attack too early. More often than not this will make him attack your men at a laeshi when your energy is focussed and you are able to wazs immediately with suriage men or kaeshi dou.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ways to do this include harai, osae, uchiotoshi and maki waza. User account User login User logout. This is rather like an archer being unable to shoot an arrow because he is afraid of the bow string hitting his hand.

Kaeshi-Waza – The Elephants

Nevertheless I am going to point out what does not work when making oji techniques:. Kaeshi -men however is a challenge, because taller opponents will often have their hands in a higher position than mine, so that when I try to return the men strike I hit their shinai rather than an kasehi men.

When shinai tips move backwards, postures often crumble and it is if you are rolling yourself into a ball like a frightened hedgehog. What is Traditional Aikido?

Kaeshi waza – Counter techniques

A professional educator friend told me never to tell people what not to do, but to accentuate the positive actions that they should be taking. Aikido was born in IwamaO sensei achieved in that village the synthesis of tai jutsu, aiki ken and aiki jo.

This type of behaviour is not limited to dou and is not just reserved for shiai. In a nutshell this means we learn as much from being hit as we learn from hitting. I often see what should be suriage men turn into debana men. You have to practice counter techniques as good as attack techniques. Where to practice Traditional Aikido?