Before you When calculating rates.g. Quick Start-Up Guide Setting up an infusion for the Ivac Rate Calculation ml to be infused in 2 hours 30 minutes. The IVAC® Volumetric Pump automatically regulates the infusion rate of intravenous solutions. Users are advised to read, to understand this manual and to be thoroughly familiar with the Pump prior to Tel: (27) (0) interferon α-2α, , , , , , , interferon α-2b, , , , , IVAC, ixabepilone, –,, ,, , ixazomib, .

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Motor is pulsed while encoders are tested. Added Instructions on setting the language.

Braun Perfusor 50 1. A Flexi circuit No 1 Refitting note a. Keypad The keypad is located on the Display PCB but is polled from the Control PCB by sequentially taking the keypad columns low and testing the state of the keypad rows to determine which button is activated.

See procedure below Replacing the alarm assembly with sounder modification kit Procedure: D isconnect the 8-pin grey ribbon cable, the mains inlet connector, the handset connector and the battery connector from the Power Supply PCB.


The signal from the optical switch changes state when the syringe plunger is located correctly; this signal is fed to IC9. These notes provide useful advice or information that may help to perform the task more effectively.

Set the oscilloscope range to 0 to 7 VDC. Plunger Detect The syringe plunger button position is detected using a slotted optical switch. Are you sure you want to stop watching all lots on this page? To ensure no risk or hazard, remove the internal rechargeable battery and the Lithium battery from the control board and dispose of as outlined by the local country regulations. Keypad The keypad is made up of 10 individual mechanical switches and is arranged in an X-Y matrix.


The position at which the display changes is the EOI point and it depends on the type of syringe in use. Linear Speed Sensor The linear movement of the pump transmission is monitored using a slotted optical switch, known as the linear speed opto, coupled with a linear grid.

Remove the latch cam, O-ring and the rod from the case.

Disconnect the flexi circuit from the Control PCB. Check magnet has been removed in test mode. Check the display switches from 1 no syringe plunger fitted to 0 syringe plunger fitted. Do you want to view our website in English or ivsc to English? Clear the internal RAM: P ress the J button four times to display the Event Log. In addition, two flexible printed circuits are utilised to hold the optical sensors and to provide the necessary interconnects to the moving parts of the pump.

Allow the pump to run until it touches the probe and then using a stop watch, time the travel over a distance of Where it is not possible to run a battery test, it is recommended that the battery is replaced every 2 years. If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your CareFusion affiliate office or distributor for further information. To achieve optimum manuxl of the pump whilst being used on battery power, it is recommended that a battery test see ‘Battery Test’ below is performed to ensure that the pump will operate correctly on battery power.


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Disconnect cables and remove the transmission assembly from the upper case. Pumping Pressure Detection Beam value: Check handset in Self-Test Check optos in Self-Test Fit the new actuator B and secure with the two screws A. Should the clinical situation require it, the indicator light can be disabled.

Drugs and protocols use volume based units. Check flexible circuit, replace if faulty. De-solder wires Figure 1. In any process do not exceed the stated levels. The opto output then switches and can be monitored by the 752 PCB microcontroller.

Remove the blanking plate label. Ensure that the required options kit is fitted to the pump before selecting the syringe range. The internal rechargeable sealed acid lead battery ivc retain charge if maintained correctly. Physical Inspection and Clean To ensure the pump remains in good operating condition, amnual is manuap to keep it clean and carry out the routine procedures described below. Note 4—CareFusion recommends using signal cables of less than 3 metres in length and this requirement is applicable only if signal cables are 3 metres or more in length.

Fuse FS3 provides a separate ground connection for the audible alarm such that ivav fuse FS2 were to blow when the pump is running on the internal battery, a continuous alarm would sound. Rzymowskiego 53, Warszawa, Polska. Check connections between flexi circuit and Control PCB. Maximum period cannot be set below minimum period.

Motor Gearbox Breakdown Note correct motor mounting holes for item D.