Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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Gholas so produced retained their gene patterns and specific skills but duje conscious memories of their pasts. Last edited by smurf; at The Block score is determined normally as per Shield skill i.

To obtain the desired effect, a user must make a HT roll at -1 for every dose taken. Views Read Edit View history. An adult trained in the use of this advantage can increase his height by a maximum of 15 cm, by stretching special back muscles; by constricting the same muscles, the discs in the spinal column can be squeezed to reduce height by a maximum of about 7 or 8 cm.

It is a trap to which Simulationist- Mentats both in training and in the field are most susceptible. A quick contest of skills, Voice vs.

Even on an unsuccessful parry, the parrying arm will be uninjured, unless it was the specific target of the duhe. Some called it the “Movement of Infinity,” and regard it as the final stage of the Order, a breaking of the chains of servitude to practicality; but others think it is a death-trap: Characters of Tleilaxu origin should follow the Cyberpunk rules for their creation. If you’ve read the book, the butchery is even more hilarious cringe-worthy full of lulzthough I suggest you don’t watch the movie first.

If the hunter-seeker attacks, a sucessful parry as per Parry Missile Weapon Skill is required before the device can be grabbed. Generalists are expected to possess broad and accurate knowledge of at least Once the rings are opened, exposing the sensitive inner tissues of the sandworm, the sandworm will rotate to shift the opening as gurpe from the surface of the sand as possible. Other political bodies worth mentioning: Each dose gurp one hour plus 5d minutes. Extensive study in Economics, Politics, Psychology, Strategy, Tactics as well as the addition of the advantage Intuition make Simulationists very valuable assets.


Generalists and higher-rank Mentats are vulnerable to a syndrome called “MentatFreeze,” which springs from self-doubt. Those surviving report either no memories whatsoever gurpd the most richly satisfying intellectual experience of their lives.


A supporting argument is that leadership is a matter of temperament, not reasoning ability. One of the most striking results of a diet high in melange is the “Eyes of Ibab,” the characteristic “blue on blue” eye dunw Fremen education consists not of formal schooling in specific subject areas but of a total life training.

Even Lynch knew it sucked, as evidenced by the fact he had his name removed from the final cut. The primary hypothesis was 92 to 98 percent reliable. As for the voice, I think studying people happens hurps quickly, and it’d be difficult to adjust the times according to who you’re studying. The throat of the male worm has been measured at 80 meters in diameter in the largest specimens.

The hand-to-hand combat techniques retained from ancient Terran cultures depend upon supreme muscle control for their astounding ferocity. Most Fremen are vicious in battle and their duels are to the death, not first blood. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

A large male sandworm, goaded by Fremen, has a range of approximately miles before he stops due to exhaustion. Several hours of observation results in a likeness which can fool casual aquaintences of the victim.

Other weapons included the kindjal, a curved, double-bladed short sword, short sticks, staffs, weighted chains, and whips. Larger male specimens reach lengths exceeding meters, and are close to meters at the widest point.

But the technological advantage of the shield has forced a modified approach. Face dancers could not take any physical disadvantage that would limit their range of imitation such as Fat, Overweight, Skinny, Dwarf, or Giganticism. The problems with running in established settings is that usually nothing too big can happen.

  ISO 16071 PDF

Nerve poison is Legality Class 0. They are powered for a year on an A cell.

This raised the ocean level several feet; coastal devistation was extrodinary. Final Days of an Empire. Particular subtleties of Voice usage are the Lie Adroit — manipulation through concealed falsehood; the Zensunni Codex — a play of words that confuses or obscures the truth; and the implantation of autosuggestive cue words for example, the most common words thus implanted is “Uroshnor,” a word itself empty of meaning, but which when spoken, triggers a state of immobilization.

Once contact is made, the outcome is inevitable. The face softens into a structure of cartilidge and muscle. Rak-ti possesses 9 moonlets, 7 small moons, 4 medium moons, 1 large moon, and one giant moon; one of the medium moons is captured and orbits at an incline. God Emperor of Dune, New York: The console weighs 4 pounds and has a remote control range of 75 feet. Power Power Plant Type: Navigators are a highly specialized breed, and probably not suitable for PC’s.

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

A “three thumper trip” would be approximately miles. Because the Sisterhood is the only party to teach some skills and the secrecy surrounding it, it is worth 40 points as an Unusual Background alternatively the Bene Gesserit could be treated as a Martial Arts Master and knowledge of the cinematic skills and manuevers would require the advantage Trained by Master. This drive could accelerate at 1 G for a week, or.