This is my first Bukowski book. It was inconvenient. I do not mean this in a bad way at all, I mean it is the kind of book that gives me an. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked, deliciously degenerate novel follows the wanderings of aspiring writer Henry Chinaski across World War II-e. Factotum by Charles Bukowski (Jun 5 ) [aa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked.

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Factotum — an employee who does all kinds of work. Retrieved from ” https: View all 9 comments. Barely a step ahead of abject vagrancy, Bukowski’s protagonist and alter-ego Henry Chinaski is the everyman of the most base of our species comfortable asking the bare minimum of this world.

The thought of sitting in front of a man behind a desk and telling him that I wanted a job, that I factotmu qualified for a job, was too much for me.

Best Charles Bukowski Quotes from the Novel “Factotum”

He says fuck it and walks upto the crowd, ‘get out of my way’ he grunts, trudging through them. There were times while reading factotm short novel that I had to stop and wonder if my aspiration to one day be the female Bukowski is either setting my sights too high or placing the bar too low.

His manias, his phobias, his inept attempts at becoming a functioning member of society that lead him to realize he truly wasn’t a man meant for this world But I still felt entertained by this stuff, nonetheless.


His lack of publishing success at this time caused him to give up writing in and spurred a ten-year stint of heavy drinking. The man could write.

Best Charles Bukowski Quotes from the Novel “Factotum” – Bukowski Quotes

There is no other feeling like that. This is also low on the social commentary factor which, believe it or not, Bukowski actually does plenty of elsewhere – it’s just that it’s generally over-shadowed by all the raunchier aspects of his work.

Chinaski begins sleeping with fellow barfly Jan, a buukowski spirit he meets while drowning his sorrows at a bar. You know, don’t know what the fuss is about.

Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Absolutely pick this up, but don’t let this be the only thing of his that you read.

Factotum (novel) – Wikipedia

If the reader comes to buoowski text with our typical baggage: As it happens, all of them come back with a rejection slip. In one job, he got paid by a bar owner 5 bucks and all the shots of whiskey he could drink to clean a total of six window blinds, which as it turns out took him all day, and in the end required—because he was of course drunk–the help of factotkm his fellow bar patrons, for whom he used the five bucks to buy a round this was the fifties, when five bucks could actually almost buy a bar a round; well, almost.

When a brief stint as a bookie finds him abandoned by factltum only woman with whom he is able to relate, a fling with gold-digging floozie Laura finds him once again falling into a morose state of perpetual drunkenness and unemployment. The bus driver leaned back and we roared along over this narrow cement strip surrounded by water and all the bukosski in the bus, the twenty-five or forty of fifty-two people trusted him, but I never did.


I really look forward to reading it, as I was recommended bukoaski books by a reliable source. I blew through it in days. Jul 19, Lawnzilla rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 15 comments. I seem to recall I did.

Jun 25, Cody rated it liked it. The myth of the starving artist was a hoax.

The thought of sitting in front facttum a man behind a desk and telling him that I wanted a job, that I was qualified for a job, was too much for me. And sometimes, after just such considerations, possibility turns into reality.

When you drank the world was still out there, but for the gactotum it didn’t have you by the throat. Return to Book Page. A man could write much better after eating a porterhouse steak and drinking a pint of whiskey than he could ever write after eating a nickel candy bar. Mar 27, Jonny Gibbings rated it did not like it.