El llenguatge de les flors té els seus orígens a Orient i s’ha transmès de En el Romanticisme, aquest recurs de “fer parlar a les flors” era un secret que les. See details and download book: Ebooks For Mobile El Llenguatge Secret De Les Flors Pdf By Vanessa Diffenbaugh. #buganvilla #buguenvil ·lea #instacolorful #instacolours #instacolor #flors # floretes -El llenguatge secret de les flors per Vanessa Diffenbaugh- – 3 years ago.

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The lover gazed at his beloved in the greatest differentiation and concordance of virtues, and in the greatest opposition of llenguatbe and vices, and in being perfection, which better suit each other without disheartening and without no-being, than with disheartening and no-being.

The beloved judged that sighs are closer to love, and tears closer to the eyes. Deien lo senyor e l’amat: The lover was seeking someone who would tell his beloved how he bore grave hardship and died for his love; and he met his beloved who was reading in a book where all the grief and all the delights which his love would give llenguattge for his beloved were written. E l’aucell cantava lo plaent esguardament damunt dit.

Ab frevor e temor anava l’amic en son viatge honrar son amat: The lover woke up and love was revived in the thoughts tha the lover sent to his beloved.

And the beloved watches his lover, who for his love goes throught all these tribulations. Blanquerna thought hard of the llenguatgw to make the book, and what subject it would be on. Whereby, when Blanquerna had had this consideration, he proposed to make the book in the aforementioned way, and he told the eremite to go back to Rome, and that he would briefly flora to him, through the deacon, the Book of the Lover and the Belovedby which he could multiply fervor and devotion among the eremites, who llengautge wanted to fall in love with God.

The fllors was tempted by love with his wisdom, and was asked if the beloved was loving him the most by taking his nature, or by recreating him. For that, I blamed the lover who complained of love, for love was giving him offerings so noble.


Cridava l’amat son amic, e ell li responia dient: Cantava l’aucell en lo verger de l’amat. The beloved asked his lover if he had patience. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. He replied it was a sign of a dead man. It happened, one day, that the eremite who was going through Rome, referred to earlier, visited the eremites who were in Rome, and found that they were having many temptations on certain things, since they did not know how to observe the behavior that was proper of their lives; and he thought of asking the eremite Blanquerna to write a book about the life of the eremite, so that through that book the other eremites could know and were able to be in contemplation and devotion.


And hence one wonders which of the two movements naturally holds the greatest power in the lover. Into discord came the lover and the beloved; and it was seen by another lover, and he wept for so long until he had brought into peace and agreement the beloved and the lover.

The same thing is proximity and remoteness between the lover and the beloved; for just like in mixing water and wine, the love of the lover and glors beloved mix together; just like with heat and glare, their love is linked; and just like essence and being, they suit themselves and come close to each other.

Get to Know Us. Our Lady brought her Son to the lover, so he could kiss his foot, and so that he would write in his book the virtues of our Lady. He answered that shame without sin is secfet to failure of love, in those who do not know how to love.

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He said it is to forget and despise his beloved. The lover fell sick for love, and a doctor came to see him who multiplied his sorrows and his thoughts; and in that hour the lover was lldnguatge. Theology cried, Philosophy doubted, Medicine and Law rejoiced. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. El llenguatge secret de les flors Vanessa Diffenbaugh. The lover was going through a city like a mad man, singing of his beloved; and people asked him if he had lost his senses.


Ah, what a great blessing is to love my beloved, who loves his followers with infinite, eternal love, fulfilled in all purposes! If falsehood were that through which the lover can better love his beloved, then truth would be the reason why the lover cannot love his beloved florss and this being the case, failure of sscret major and of thruth would follow in the beloved, and in him there would be concordance of falsehood and the minor.

The beloved assured that it was the nature and property of his love to love everyone who loved him, and to have mercy of anyone who bore hardship for his love. Anava l’amic per una ciutat com a foll, cantant de son amat; e demanaren-li les gents si havia perdut son seny.

Llibre d’Amic e Amat

While he was meditating in this way, he remembered he had been paid by his beloved, since he had been enraptured by his features, and for his love he had given him sorrows. Pereix l’amic en la mar, e en son perill pereixen sos turments e neixen sos compliments.

And for this glory of yours, the trouble and grief that came to me to honor your glory are equally glorious to me as the pleasure and thoughts, that come to me from your glory. And it is wondered which of the two mirrors his understanding was closest to. And it is asked which one is the most guilty: And the beloved asked the lover about his estate; and the lover was puzzled in the presence of his beloved.

And who could be better and more noble than supreme good, eternal, infinite in greatness, power, wisdom, love, perfection? And the conditions for the beloved are that he be truthful, generous, compassionate, and just to his lover.