An honest account of why I decided to leave my home country Malta and It was a seemingly joking and simple comment, but it rang so true for . Over exploitation (umbrella rentals) of one Malta’s iconic spots – Blue Lagoon. Here we show how visit Malta by public transport – buses from Valletta and The Church looks plain and simple from the outside, almost fortress-like . Blue Grotto – a natural rock arch surrounded by dozens of sea caves. This is my top 10 of best beaches in Malta and Gozo, with pros and cons for each Easy to reach by public transport and car; Blue Flag certified beach; Amazing.

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Although I always felt bad during the winters, reality really struck during my first experience of winter in the UK, when I realized that I was much happier in winter there than I had ever been in Malta.

Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Forget about your tender feelings toward Thumper and Bugs Bunny. Intricate mosaics were common throughout Roman courtyards and the columned porches around them. But when money takes the place of God, values and principles, any hope of such a bluue is likely to remain a very far fetched dream. A house with a tiny garden is what I want. There is no get away at all. Gozo can be reached by ferry from Cirkewwa, on the northern end of Malta.

Why I Left Malta | Jean Galea

Only my advanced age stops me from following suit. Malta is one of many. It is because of the people and their love for the island which they do not mind sharing aesy want all to enjoy it.


Thanks for sharing your experience Dr Fenech, the childhood memories you have are indeed idyllic. Waiting may become half the fun!

Leave a comment below! Fields are full of vegetables and waysides are carpeted with fennel, clover, wild iris, myrtle and much more.

Malta by Public Transport: A Complete Guide – The Crowded Planet

While in this post I focused on the negative things about Malta that led me to leave, there is, of course, the flip side. Because of its strategic location high above the rest of the island, Dingli has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years. Typical opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9: The oldest section of the Hypogeum dates back to BC.

Such free-for-all practices are very common when it comes to building and development. We re planning the move in a couple of years, hopefully we wont be faced with most of the common issues that are found here… I otherwise agree with most points mentioned, though to say that illegal hunting was a factor you considered is far fetched, I dont know when you aesy but nowadays illegal hunting became more of an inevident exception, up to 10 years ago it was different.

No prior booking is necessary. Thank you so much for your advise, really helpful looking forward to planning our trip there now.

There are other issues, but I think after we got into the EU, so many good people left that the country ended up permeated with feral youth and a demography of deliquents. Ok…nowhere is perfect but Everything you mentioned and more you come across every day here…the list just keeps growing. A refugee from Africa may be happy with his or her lot in Malta Australia is considered one of the best countries in the world. All completely spot on. Sometimes people will challenge me by posing the question: The remains sasy over 7, individuals mslya discovered in the lower level of the Hypogeum.


Malta by Public Transport: A Complete Guide

Having just returned to Australia after a short visit to Malta I eash to agree wholeheartedly with this article. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It has a rich and varied history having been under the rule of several nations and cultures.

Second, whilst we were there the lagoon water was infested if that is the correct term with jellyfish. Marsaxlokk pronounced mar-sah-shlock is a bleu village located on the southeastern coast of Malta about 6 miles Put on walking boots, hire a mountain bike and head out from the village squares on the narrow farmers’ tracks. The Phoenicians first founded Mdina during the 6 th and 7 th centuries BC. Stone benches and spiral-shaped carvings still exist inside.