A Stereophile Essential Component, Loaded with Patented Technology: AudioQuest Gibraltar Speaker Cables Deliver Astounding Purity, Clarity, Definition. AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. Hell all I am looking to try some audioquest speaker cables CV8/Rockefellers or Gibraltar’s Aug 17, I did not had Audioquest for a long time on my radar.

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Audience’s Au24 is midway between the two.

On Laredo’s Mozart recording, however, I wasn’t so sure. However, even when those variables are kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly effect the sound.

Kingko Audio and Omega. There’s that question again: No single portion of the AQ’s frequency balance stood out—but, on the other hand, they all did. Would it make sense to buy a couple different cables to audition and return the ones I like less?

Compara cu alt produs Cere info. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More.

Looking for speaker cable, opinions wanted on AudioQuest Gibraltar

With MusicDirect’s return policy I suppose I can try them out and see, though as noted by Mike above, I’m not sure how audible the difference ought to be. Cod securitate Introdu codul din imagine. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. He suggested Rocket 44s.

Recording of January Recording of November The specific 4-cross geometry used in each half of Gibraltar maximizes this advantage. Discussion in ‘ Audio Hardware ‘ started by snorkerApr 21, Sound advice all another bad pun, I know. Log in or register to post comments. SandAndGlassjohnny qSchwinnparamount and 1 other person like this. SandAndGlassSchwinnparamountbasie-fan and 3 others like this.


They meshed beautifully with the staging, and had a snap and impact that enhanced the overall live feel. Stereophile’s Products of If Music Direct will allow you to return the cable if you don’t like it, you could buy it, listen to it in your system and decide if you want to keep it. They make custom cables for a decent price. Gibraltar very simply keeps this effect out of the audio range by using conductor sizes that are below the threshold for audible distortion.

IMO, speaker cables can make an audible difference. Erik TracyApr 21, I do not know for this model cable I have not had a chance to listen toI guess that ‘s good. The question is will it fit into the system by your taste.

Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the single greatest source of distortion, often causing a somewhat harsh, dirty and confused sound. I terminated it myself, but they will do it for you to your specs, if you prefer.

Depth was increased as well, and the music projected farther out into my listening room, contributing to the system’s bold, immediate sound. Is this good cable for the money?

The sonic benefit is exactly the same reduction in hash and better dimensionality that comes whenever RF garbage is reduced in an audio circuit.

AudioQuest Gibraltar loudspeaker cable In the case of the Gibraltar speaker cable, looks are deceiving. One set is for bass signals, the other for treble, and audjoquest overall twin-lead layout keeps the two sets magnetically separated in a true single biwire design—neat!


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CASTI alege dupa forma. The cable i made up was consisting of cat 5 wire from Maplins. In either case, further from the brink, things like Paul Desmond’s alto sax or Gibraltae Wright’s bass on the Brubeck LP were wonderful through the Anacondas—dynamic, powerful, and alive.

But what really set the AQs apart was their overriding characteristic: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Specifications. Audioquwst must log in or sign up to reply here. UpinsmokeApr 22, TommyTunesApr 21, Bonus Recording of November Each half of the twin lead actually houses a helical wind of four solid ultra-pure-copper conductors. First, I am pretty ignorant on cables, and until I joined this forum I didn’t realize that gibrltar could make much of a difference.

Used Audioquest Gibraltar Speaker cables for Sale |

Prezentare generala Specificatii Tehnice Review-uri Articole. The Gibraltar’s you mentioned are on sale, but I think you still might get a better deal going used. Email nu va fi afisat. Even though radially symmetrical conductors solid round or tubular have the fewest discontinuities, any particular size does have a sonic signature.

It is much smaller than differences in sound between recordings, often much smaller than the differences between masterings of the same recordings. ThorensmanApr 21, AgitaterApr 21, Nordost Valhalla 2 Reference cables. The way my shelving is situated the right speaker is about 8 feet or so from the amp, but the left is much closer, only a couple feet away.