Papers of Alphonse Mingana (), scholar and curator of oriental manuscripts. Includes proofs of the index of his catalogue of his collection of Middle. Alphonse Mingana. Language of Material. English Amharic Arabic Armenian Coptic Georgian Hebrew Turkish Ottoman Persian Syriac. Physical. Alphonse Mingana (born as Hurmiz Mingana; Syriac: ܗܪܡܙ ܡܢܓܢܐ , in at Sharanesh, a village near Zakho (present day Iraq) – died 5 December

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Catalogue of the Mingana Collection of Manuscripts 3-volume set This multi-volume set is the catalogue for the famed Mingana Collection of Syriac and Arabic manuscripts.

The uniquely rich Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern manuscripts was brought together in Birmingham during the s by Alphonse Mingana under the patronage of Dr Edward Cadbury. The Orchard Mintana Resources Centre and the University of Birmingham, Special Collections Department holds a rich collection of archives relating to missions, charities and other religious and ecclesiastical organisations and individuals.

He reconciled with the Syriac Orthodox in Something is now certain: Libraries Guild of students. The first version to come to the attention of Western scholars is preser High to Low Publication Date: It is preserved in Coptic, Arabic, and Garshuni manuscripts.

Alphonse Mingana

Identification of copyright holders of unpublished material is often difficult. Newest First Title Price: Syriac literacy survives into the 9th century, but Syriac Christian authors in this period increasingly write in Arabic. Al-Muqtafi — 12 March Arabic: Table of contents Expanded.


A further volume published in describes Christian Arabic manuscripts and 16 Syriac manuscripts. Related to this was his desire to raise the intellectual status of the Colleges, and Woodbrooke in particular, with the manuscripts as a magnet to attract alphojse theological scholars. However, it is not the only translation; it is most commonly associated with Jesus as depicted in Islam, and thus, commonly used by Muslims.

Member feedback about Historiography of early Islam: List of Catholic priests topic This is an incomplete list of Catholic priests. Member feedback about Birmingham Mingnaa manuscript: The Chronicle of Arbela claims to record the early history of Christianity in the city which is now known as Erbil, Iraq, but which was then Arbela, capital of Adiabene.

Alphonse was born to Minyana Mingana and Maryam Nano, and had seven siblings. It contains a collection of 13 critical studies of the Qur’an written over the past two centuries by historians and scholars of the Middle East: Rendel Harris the first Principal of Woodbrooke College, Selly Oak, BirminghamMingana came to England and spent two years at Woodbrooke where he met and married his wife, a Norwegian student ay ther mingna.

They married in and had two children.

Mingana Collection – Wikipedia

As time went on, academic standards were developed generally, and were increasingly applied to studies of Islam. Member feedback about Alphonse Mingana: He was ordained in and spent the next ten years studying and teaching at the Seminary.


His homilies on the sacraments are essential witnesses to the historical development of these sacraments. Member feedback about University of Birmingham: Other Finding Aids Please see online catalogue for further details. Lists of people by nationality Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In Mingana moved back to Birmingham to focus on cataloguing the collection.

Alphonse Mingana, Papers of – Archives Hub

Though his interest was mainly in Eastern Christianity, his considerable knowledge of Islam enabled him to lecture on Islamic history and minganna as well. Alphhonse challenges the notion that the Qur’an is error free, a view held by Muslims. A collection level description is available on the online archive catalogue, reference: The third volume, cataloging Christian Arabic manuscripts and 40 Syriac manuscripts was published intwo years after Mingana’s death.

Research and Cultural collections.

A number of the manuscripts he returned with formed the basis of the Mingana Collection at Woodbrooke. David of Basra topic David of Basra, sometimes rendered Dudi of Basra[1] or David of Charax,[2] was a 3rd- and 4th-century CE Christian Metropolitan bishop who undertook missionary work in India around the year [1] in some sources.

Special Collections will alphonxe where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the wlphonse.