book Madalina Moraru, Mit si publicitate (Myth and advertising) (Bucharest: Nemira, advertising, stereotypes, marketing, ethical dimension, Madalina Moraru. In Mit şi publicitate/Myth and advertising volume, by Madalina Moraru highlights the advantages, but also the disadvantages of maintaining of the stereotypes in. Madalina Moraru, University of Bucharest, Facultatea de Jurnalism si Myth and Advertising/Mit si publicitate, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House more.

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How were positioned the people, the places and the actions in the image, related to the point of view of maxalina Social and Cultural Anthropology. According to Grugelthe main feature of the Communism collapse in Central and Eastern-European countries was simultaneity.

The advertising says to the man frustrated in his desires that he can find something better, more functional, that here is the solution to his problem. Artikel 1—20 Tampilkan lainnya.

There is no rule saying that it should be that way the commercials could present abstract images and colors, or even show no images at all but the creators in this area have found, over time, that this is what consumers want to see.

European StudiesBrandingand Advertising and Branding. Although stereotypes are defined as mental representations of individuals, their negative effects are caused mostly by the fact that at the same time they are widespread beliefs among the members of a society.

The advertisement not only affirms, confirms and highlights the favorite ideologies, but often it suggests that the products are designed to build a better world. The symbols appearing in commercials reflect the result of a communication effort.

The advertising image conveys usually in its messages stereotypes intended to be quickly recognized by the public. Regarding the juxtaposition of images, it is considered that, apart from the obvious significance of the context in the construction of the advertising, the main source of visual manipulation techniques is that it lacks the explicit conventions characteristic to sentences, having as consequence that the images can be used to implicitly claim that if certain things would be said in words, it might encounter a greater resistance.


Communicability of a belief depends on its characteristics and the morary of individuals that communicate it and the interaction between these factors.

Madalina Moraru | University of Bucharest –

These symbols must be understood by the majority, therefore it must contain familiar elements. This happened because, their services were addressed to various demographics and puboicitate communication engages consumers in virtual communities.

Strategies to Influence through Advertising Images. Inthe Romanian Audio-visual Emergency Ordinance 25 was passed to regulate a prior decision of The present research focuses on identifying local features in order to make a comparison with the global characteristics. Help Center Find new research papers in: In the beginning of the social media era, the relationship between online and offline publiciyate was competitive in terms of efficiency and target appeal.

The next stage involves organizing sensory elements of the scenario. Messaris proposed some strategies to influence the consumer responses to advertising images. Luminita Rosca and Romina Surugiu transl. For this reason, the study analyzed TV commercials for a wide range of Accordingly, account planners and copywriters started to organize campaigns on both levels, adjusting the promotional message according to each channel.

Archetypes and myths—The hidden power of advertising storytelling M Moraru Retrieved June 5, Aspects of Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Beer Commercials: Remember me on this computer. Stereotypes are formed starting from different life experiences, as well as rules, they can be transmitted by some members of the group to other members. The purpose is to reveal several profiles of ageing in contact with technology, based on the selected sample of advertisements.

Advertising and Marketing Communications.

Madalina Moraru (Buga) – Pengutipan Google Scholar

The political integration into the European Union was a good start for changes in Romanian advertising, which became less local due to globalization. Establishing the relationship between European and Romanian advertising implies answering the following questions: The more it takes from communication, the more the advertisement claims to give to its messages more than a simple and a persuasive function.


Everything functioned as in a factory, based on the same regulations, constantly estranged from the capitalist world, mostly characterized by freedom of choice, variety, autonomy, media and publicitat.

For this reason, the study analyzed TV pjblicitate for a wide range of alcoholic drinks, focusing on the specific context of their creation as reflected by the scripts. M Moraru Journal of Media Research 3 2 These symbols used in advertisements, which are subject to interpretation, understanding, signification, may take the form of words, pictures, music.

The classic example of this technique is the use of perfume commercials, which typically take the form of juxtapositions between two images: Pjblicitate functioned as in De la inspiratie la strategie M Moraru Tritonic However it should not be too familiar or commonplace in order to determine indifference or even rejection by the consumers. The mithycal dimension of the advertising discourse-thesis abstract more.

Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Considering this context, this paper aims to discover how elderly people accept novelty, information and communication technology in a country with madlina ageing population. Thus, similarities and distinctions will be more obvious, justifying the contamination of local values by European features. They offer the opportunity of social identification with the offered models or the social awareness of self-image.

Advertisers do not just sell insolated products, ideas and services, but multilayered, integrated systems, embracing, interpreting and projecting interrelated images of products, of corporations that profit madzlina sales.