Choose HiMedia’s. Laboratory (1 ml = g). C6H14O2. MW: CAS: Assay: ≥%. R: /38 CAS: Assay: ≥99%. Ecopathology Uro Kit – I (One kit is sufficient for 5 samples). Y. VAT % Deoxycholate-Citrate Agar Medium 14 (In accordance with IP ). Y. II year/ towards the supply of the following chemicals, glassware and plasticware (list is enclosed) , Name of the chemical, Make, Catalogue. 4, SDS Sodium dodesyl sulphate, Himedia, MBG, 25gm.

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For the test, use a mixture More information. Our mission is to produce quality products and ensure quality services. Life is a great Discovery Media for Industrial Microbiology Index media for industrial microbiology Laboratorios CONDA, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of high quality culture.

The results of these tests are used for selection of the most appropriate antimicrobial agent s for treatment against the infectious organisms. HiMedia cataolgue you with a full range of basic products for organic synthesis including building blocks, reagents and solvents most commonly used in organic synthesis.

Beef, beef fat Allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Eggs Burger only: If you are not having HiMedia account then please register yourself.

Recipes for stock catalpgue and general use buffers How to determine volumes to use to obtain a certain concentration: Additive Acacia gum Arabic Acetic.


HiMedia Leading BioSciences Company

Ready culture media in 55 mm contact plates Individually packed in transparent blister Est. Isolation of Salmonella More information.

Scientific writing is written differently from other types of writing. Dispase Solution Collagenase Solutions Trypsin 0.

Bacteria grow and divide by binary fission, a rapid and relatively simple process.

The biochemical characteristics More information. Suitable for spray treatments, soak tanks, foot cagalogue and equipment processing.

In the example there is a. All products are CE marked and meet More information. Rose Multiplication Medium has been specially formulated for the in vitro cataloguee of Rose spp. Urine Culture Diagnostic Techniques: Bovine Mastitis tr Hardy Diagnostics has everything for your laboratory! This Kit is designed for the detection of common 17 milk adulterants in the milk sample.

Materials – Work in groups of 4 per table. In the context of invasive procedures or in asceptic production areas. For the test, use a mixture.

Bacteriological Identification is of utmost importance when one is dealing with bacteria associated with infections. Physical, chemical and microbial analysis of bottled drinking water Physical, chemical and microbial analysis of bottled drinking water S Sasikaran 1, K Sritharan 2, S Balakumar 2, V Arasaratnam 2 Index words: Derrick Greene 3 years ago Views: Selective media allow certain types of organisms to grow, and inhibit the growth More information.


After completing this project the students should be able to:.

The method covers the determination of the suitability of preservation More information. Plant Tissue Culture is a technique of growing plant cell or any plant part aseptically on a suitable culture nutrient medium. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that are able. Disinfectants and sanitizers are chemicals used to rapidly inactivate microorganisms on inanimate surfaces.


We are the supplier and exporter of air purifier systems, air sampler systems, colony counters, electric sterilizer. These raw materials are manufactured captively to specified quality performance standards.

A pipette is a laboratory tool used to transport a measured volume of liquid. Genetic characterization of oseltamivir-resistant seasonal influenza A H1N1 virus circulating during pandemic influenza in Mumbai 16 March, Scientific Publication where HiMedia is part of Authors. Tradition and experience have made HiMedia one of the world’s leading suppliers of microscopy products.

Additive Acacia gum Arabic Acetic More information. This project is intended to let you as students experience what real science is.