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Food and Beverage Booths Dime l. Elsewhere, trading was quiet.

He also played a key role in the planning and execution of military opera- tions during Desert Storm. Larry Craig voted with the majority; Mike Crapo did not vote. Other options listed in the draft: Tuesday regarding a suspicious person who was possi- bly burglarizing homes in the Summit area.

Okmp i iS-Smt ISt. The fossil-like traces are million years younger than the earliest chemical evidence of life on Earth.

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Prepaid phone cards allowing people to access pornography on the Web are next. The dri- vers all have been given 7v telephones to ensure that they can call for help if they encounter any difficulties.

The resolution urges Congress to pass the bill to fund future park, waterresource and wildlife habitat projects. Mayor Brad Siemer Tuesday will join officials, developers and bankers at the development site, at the corner of Shenandoah Drive and Woodside Boulevard in Halley.

No matter how you calculate it, if you come to the understanding that your debts are hurting your way of life, expens say the first move is to determine which credi- tors to pay first. Reed said his eldest son will turn 5 Tuesday and lie does not want o sec the same thing happen to him, or any of the other 2bssize children liv- ing on his block.


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But in general the checks arc weakening. More detailed Informa- tion. Even though the Circuit City cited slow sales of appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators – none of which RadioShack sells – Fort Worth- based RadioShack was hurt by the report, analysts said. They are losing one of the finest representatives of Hagerman School District ever!

Mother Maria Laura left the convent at 10 p. A copy of the resolution will bo sent to President Clinton, the speaker of the U. However, Windows is likely to remain the predominant operating platform for most personal computers for a long time to come.

So many, in fact, that even a pilot from Iowa, out on a desert outing, can make a notable discovery: Tom Thumb 15 percent and Minyard 13 percent fill out the top five, and Wal-Mart and Target plan to aggressively compete for grocery shoppers in. I Would they show it to their clos- est relatives? Tib -a opart ml Kempthome replaced four of the commissioners last summer, leaving only Nancy Hadley of Sandpoint, who voted with the majority that fired Mealey, and Bums and Wood from the days of the controversy.

Just last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would cut by S3. Thomas Pen field Jackson wrote as he.

In the second match, Alliance scored within the opening moments. Through microscopic examination one can find in almost every life incidents or traits that can be destructive when they are magnified. McIntosh’s knowl- edge and assistance was invaluable. Marge Roukema, the longest-serving woman in Congress, narrowly defeated a conservative challenger. But it also worries corporate technology spe c i a lis t s, whose main worry is getting different software programs to work seamlessly with each other.



Ho married Vora Warren on March Wheai M cob 10 30 Livestock Zy W. Protect self at close quar- ters. Kent Charles Matte, 33, was charged with burglary, theft by possession of stolen property and possession txy methamphetaminc.

OOO bu irMnan; ca Tu. Tluirvlay is hereby designated as the day of the week on which Icjwl notices will lie published.

Full text of “The Times News (Idaho Newspaper) “

The only exception is for 7 pants in Medicare HMOs, which generally offer some drug cover- age. It also creates a situation where an airline employee strike qxuld cripple the nir-trnveHng ptiblic. Saturday at Our Lady of. Ted Vaux of Hansen, service at 10 am. The race concludes June 18 back in Boise. By the time it ended after more than three hours, Norman and feafin 82 caked front and back in rusty, dusty clay from their dives on the court, and the crowd was as exhausted as the players were from cheering.

The appeals, which were filed recently with the Idaho Supreme Court, cite errors by the judge and lack of evidence supporting the jury verdict. Capricorn, Cancer natives play major roles in your life – could have these letters, initials in names; H, Q, Z.

Also, a four-week clinic will be offered from July 10 to Aug. Focus on authority, precision, major accomplishment.